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Bedingung: Neu
Marke/Hersteller: ATI
Modell/Nummer: ATLSxA212

In order to meet different needs of customers, we designed a series of high voltage constant current caser driver, ATLSxA212. They have different current values: ATLS500MA212, ATLS1A212, ATLS2A212, and ATLS3A212. They have a wide range of input voltage from 4.5V - 16V. There is no need for heat sink with high efficiency. Two kinds of packaging are available: DIP and SMT.

The ATLSxA212 has a very small package with a 6 sided metal enclosure to prevent the controller and other electronics from interfering with each other. It's easy to integrate your design in this small size. The main characteristics of this series of products are: high efficiency, high output power, high current stability and so on. Since high power laser is usually quite expensive, we have developed a load assembly and evaluation board to avoid making costly errors in the process of product evaluation. The load assembly ATLS212DLD1.0, is designed to emulate laser diodes for evaluating a series of laser drivers, ATLSxA212. It's very convenient that the laser driver ATLSxA212 collocates with the load assembly ATLS212DLD1.0 and the evaluation board ATLS212EV1.0.

If you want to know more about ATLSxA212, please visit our website:

The evaluation board ATLS212EV1.0 and the load assembly ATLS212DLD1.0 can be found here:

Besides, we have many other laser drivers and evaluation board:

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